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Our Projection Mapping Gallery Portfolio


Are you making your way into a convention hall in anticipation of the customary bright lighting and protracted presentations? But as you enter, you can feel the warmth of the sun, a light breeze, the lovely sounds of nature, as well as the energizing touch of the bushes, realistic flowers, and vibrant woodland. Are you now speculating as to whether the professional setting is in a forest? Thanks to our specialized projection mapping, all of this was made feasible. We at Mind spirit design, a top-ranked exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are masters at creating a unique environment. As the visitors move through a diverse setting, it provides us great joy. However, no one can help but ask how such a captivating effect may be used at an event, which calls for knowledge of building projection mapping.

Mind Spirit Design, is one of the prominent 3D & 4D project mapping companies based in Dubai. High profile events worldwide have chosen to use digital projection as their display technology. We are event content producers who expertise in creating 3D and 4D motion graphics substance for 3D Projection mapping, Event content, convention intro videos, annual event, real - time visual performances for music festivals and clubs, presentation videos, and branding animation particularly for wide format screens. We collaborate closely with leading brands, PR firms, ad agencies, event planners, and AV production firms to develop unforgettable performances and distinctive visual branding opportunities.


Our newest and most distinctive projection technology uses specialist software to spatially map a 3D or 4D object on the virtual environment that it is to be displayed on. The newest inventive method of using optical illusions to draw attention to something is 3D projection mapping. It gives life to enormous inanimate objects. A truly unique sensation is provided by the natural play of lights and patterns. Our expertise is in fusing novel and mind-blowing ideas with eye-catching visuals. We complete tasks and projects in the areas of video mapping, live 3D production events, event technology services, animations, and the presentation of magical projection.

We, at Mind spirit design, operate on different surface types and transform into 3D demonstrations even with common objects. The popularity is increasing owing to the adding of insignias, textures and it helps in sponsor branding through event videography and other platforms. We, offer projection mapping to improve the engagement of the attendees. It offers an outstanding return on investment through publicity, is transferable on digital networks, and promotes fresh thinking. We use 3D & 4D projection mapping to attract the audience's attention in unique ways.



Making the most of the limited space while being resourceful is important. There are less expensive alternatives to building projection mapping. Consult Mind spirit design if you have a tight budget. We'll give you honest advice about your options and make sure you get the most value for your money.


Focal Point Selection

Most 3D project mapping expenditures are reduced with more projectors. With order to draw the eye, we can assist you in focusing the focal points. Get accurate displays by taking into account the non-reflective characteristics.


Professional Results

The cost will directly depend on the size and intricacy of the photograph. We will concentrate on tiny features that aid in capturing the viewer's attention while staying within a limited budget.

Projection mapping is a fantastic idea proposed by Mind spirit design for use at events. We can guarantee large-scale projections of various kinds.