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What is Interactive Projection Mapping?

Interactive projection mapping is the use of technology to manipulate and project imagery onto a surface. These projections can range from 3D animation to video and are used on everything from buildings to football pitches.

Users can physically interact with projections to influence the visual display which appears to the audience. Examples include interactive floors and walls.

Projections are also imminently shareable on social media which, in turn, should lead to increased brand awareness and repeatable use of content in the future.

Have you seen the floors and walls coming to life, casting shadows, and pulsating that it is hard to deny the physics laws? Yes, you are seeing the interactive projection mapping. It is also referred to as video mapping. The interactive projection mapping is a technique that is aimed to make illusions focusing the light. These began with the DJs and performers doing with high-end light shows and now it has begun showing up all over.

How interactive projections mapping work

Mind spirit design, we are aware that these architectural installations are focusing on lighting feature to make their projections interactive. The digital displays make the best design elements, and we ensure to bring life to any architecture that is easy to update as event-based themes or even as seasonal themes. It can be employed for high-contrast, dramatic lighting in bland or poorly lit areas.

We are living in a digital era of social network media, web 2.0 & 3.0, user collaborated content generation, digital and interactive immersion. With advancements on devices and the evolution of digital network systems, this sets the perfect scene for massive Augmented Reality deployments. The digital displays are created by us Mind spirit design to suit various shapes and designs. Using a custom LED panel or a projector, we offer 3D elements, architectural features as brickwork and sculptures, and also irregular shaped surfaces.

Why Interactive Projections mapping is Different?

We, Mind spirit design, are renowned for offering interactive projections mapping. The words and images are projected as your regular projectors. However, the interactive projection offers the ability to interact with that is being projected. This is done by us, Mind spirit design using special sensors.

Benefits of Interactive Projection Mapping Events

Keep everyone interested. Our interactive projectors make the presentation or lecture interesting. Watching on the screen a screen keeps a person more engaged that listening to a lecture shown on the screen. Gives a better level of participation. It is ideal for professors, teachers, and students considering interactive learning or hands-on learning. This helps absorb information with ease. Whether it is creating educational games, assigning projects, or some fun learning competitions, we, Mind spirit design ensure to present using the projector to have a wonderful world of education to explore. Create teamwork. A fascinating way of creating teamwork in a place is to bond people together. As creativity is in using the projectors, making an interactive team to create assignments as a team or to build projects as a team ensures teamwork and collaborative learning. More productivity. Using the interactive projectors you can promote productivity in any place, your office or the classroom. There is no need to waste time to erase boards or walk in the room while giving lectures. The projectors we use are the new technology that does not break in an important presentation. It shows the flexibility as with interaction, digging deeper into a subject is possible and it also saves extra time