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Exhibition - Arab Health

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Exhibition Booth Designers & Contractors UAE

If you are a company owner and planning to present your business at a trade show, you need to consider the image you want to create. The objective of attending any such event is to create a strong awareness of your brand. An innovative and creative exhibition stand design says a lot about your company. It can efficiently convey the messaging you want to get through to your audience, as it is a perfect way to make a statement about your brand. At Mind Spirit Design, we aim to capture the essence of your business and communicate it through the design we create for your exhibition display stands and booths.

We are the leading exhibition stand builders in Dubai, and our focus is always to utilize meticulous procedures and techniques to produce high-quality booths for our customers. We ensure that we fulfill the commitment we make to our clients with the help of our professional team. Building Exhibit stands is not just about creating a strong structure and adding design; it is a complex process of understanding our customers' needs. We work as partners with our customers to craft a booth design that communicates the company's objectives and helps them achieve their goals.

Our Process

Discussion and Collaboration

Understanding customer's needs and sharing our ideas

Creating a 3D Design

Brainstorming ideas with the team to build a 3D model


Construct the actual stand/booth at our facilities


Transport and deliver to the site of the exhibition


Fitting and setting up at the location

Supervision & Support

Managing and supporting on-site


Deconstruct and move back to the storage.

Why Choose Us

Collaborative & Creative Design

Our clients have different backgrounds, and their businesses have specific design requirements. We want to create tailor-made design solutions for them by discussing and understanding the company's target audience. Our design team comes up with the most unique and distinctive exhibition stand or booth concept that aligns with our customer's objectives


Our team gives extreme attention to detail and executes the design concept of the exhibition booth with thorough and accurate precision. The goal is customer satisfaction and achieving the desired result of grabbing the audience's attention for our client's business.

Timely Delivery

We have set systems to ensure quick and timely delivery of the exhibition stands to your site. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and what it would mean for the customer if we fell short. Hence, our primary objective is to manufacture, transport, and install the exhibition stall well before time.


We offer the best prices and most economical solutions for exhibition stand designing and manufacturing. Investing in your exhibit booth design is equivalent to marketing and advertising, and it is worth making as you will see amazing feedback from your target audience.

Finest Quality Guaranteed

We use quality products to manufacture your exhibition stands and stall designs. We aim to bring the best possible experience to our clients and their customers.

Advantages of Choosing Professional Exhibition Builders

  • As professionals, we have been in the business long enough to understand what works. We take our client's ideas very seriously and collaborate with them to develop an exclusive concept for their exhibition stand at any trade fair or show. We help your business stand out in a sea of companies trying to appeal to the same consumer.
  • Our builders use the finest materials to construct exhibit display stands and booths. This allows the reusability making it very cost-effective.
  • When you achieve to grab your audience's attention through a spectacular exhibit design, you have left a long-lasting impression on their minds. This enhances and elevates brand awareness and, in turn, increases business growth.
  • We can add interactive and immersive features to your exhibition stands and booths. We use the latest technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality, to create strong brand recognition among the potential customers of your company.

Comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. We strive to build systems that allow our clients to focus on the business at hand and not be distracted by the technology.

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