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Our Virtual Reality Gallery Portfolio



At Mind Spirit Design, we help you build your reality and create an amazing experience for your guests. This modern-technology marvel lets you assist your audiences in traveling to the new world with 360° dimensions. Our highly-experienced engineers and innovators intellectualizes and build virtual reality experiences for many different kinds of businesses operating across the UAE. By working with VR Designers, Artists, Editors, Application Developers, and the unsurpassed VR tools, our Virtual Reality Videos deliver unparalleled quality content and top the VR market in the UAE. With a transparent, client-centered approach, we create VR solutions that are specifically tailored to bring together the experience of users and business objectives. Our clientele hails from domestic as well as overseas regions. We provide the ideal solutions for a seamless launch, registration, and hosting of a virtual event without compromising real-life physical engagement—comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. We strive to build systems that allow our clients to focus on the business at hand and not be distracted by technology. If you want to create truly immersive content that pushes the boundaries of technology and amazes your customers, Mind Spirit Designs' Virtual Reality Dubai is your one-stop shop into the future as we provide not only 3D virtual reality but also create virtual reality apps.


The dynamics of virtual reality have greatly influenced the world of marketing in the past few years, and with time, this innovation is gaining appreciation and becoming a great part of the strategic marketing platform of various companies. Virtual reality is a great way for companies to engage potential clients and customers in addition to their target audience by introducing VR in company events, exhibitions, trade shows, and business and social gatherings. Apparently, with the help of this digital science innovation, you can take any event planning or organization to a whole new level of success. This technology can turn any promotional event into a highly productive gathering by providing an augmented experience for products and services. The best way to connect with your target customers is to give them valuable experiences and feelings, which you can achieve with the help of this amazing technology. For years, we have proudly practiced our expertise by converting customers’ demands into memorable and meaningful experiences. Here at Mind Spirit Design, we focus on helping our clients grow by increasing their brand user engagement with virtual reality. Powered by our capabilities of designing, creating, developing, installing, and customizing perfect solutions for bringing a modern touch to any event, we are amongst the highly renowned virtual reality companies in the UAE.


A Dubai-based virtual reality video production company called Mind Spirit Design specializes in producing high-end video content for a variety of industries, including corporate, commercial, film, education, and travel agencies. We provide a limitless range of creative visual options, including animations, visual effects, installation art, new media, and content for augmented reality.

Professional Service
Our team members are qualified with extensive background experience in virtual reality audio and video production. Our technicians work hard to provide customized solutions for your business needs.
Excellent Customer Service
Our goal is to provide the highest quality user experience to our clients by delivering value-for-money services with active customer service that responds to your queries promptly.
Audio Visual Equipment Rental

We provide AV equipment and AV hire for all events. Audio, screens, lighting, stages, computers and more. See the range. Mind Spirit Design Rental provides audio visual equipment to all kinds of event industry.