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Our Touch/ Interactive Gallery Portfolio



Knowing just how well touch screen technology could influence a potential customer's willingness toward a brand in an exhibition or event, Mind Spirit Design has continually improved the touch screen rental services it provides in Dubai. We rent out the most cutting-edge touchscreen kiosks, and each touch screen can be readily connected to a USB or SD card to produce a fantastic digital output. Since we provide the most advanced touchscreens to our valued clients on a rental basis, we have always been regarded as one of the forerunners in touch screen technology. Touchscreens are adaptable and can be utilized for fundraising events, exhibitions, conferences, and presentations.

We have a wide range of touchscreens that you can choose from according to your usage and budget. Explore our 80-inch Touch Screen to deliver impressive presentations.

We work in collaboration with the top suppliers of multi-touch interactive tables, walls, kiosks, and screens to give you the touch screen content production solutions that are best suited for your particular applications. For your storefront, showroom kiosk, or trade show booth, allow customers to engage with your product or brand on these distinctive, captivating transparent screens. Alternatively, incorporate a gesture-based display collection into your theme park, club, or other popular places.

Through these display technologies, individuals may actively participate in a sizable projected advertisement or game by moving their bodies, fully understanding your message. All users can enjoy a useful and enjoyable experience thanks to these interactive surfaces, which offer a full-body interactive environment.


Interactive Projection System
Our latest interaction projection systems turn any wall, floor, window, or surface into a touch-free interactive surface. It is one of the most affordable ways to make any exhibition or event interesting without putting in too much budget.
 Transparent Screen
The transparent display is one of the most interesting technological displays of real-time process visuals and data. It is more engaging and conveys information efficiently.
Multi-Touch Tables
Multi-touch tables are great for interactive presentations at events, trade shows, stores, and collaborations in offices. It is user-friendly and helps facilitate your users' access to information, entertainment, and advertisements.


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